Types of Charters

Private Charters

Private Fishing Charters allow you and your friends or guests to have the whole boat to yourself! Virg’s Landing is perfect for arranging a fun and memorable way to bring together your family and friends or give your employees a unique and exciting show of appreciation!

We have many families and companies that book private charters with us every year, and we know exactly how to help you set up the perfect trip for you and your guests. Whether you are all fishing enthusiasts or have a lot of novice anglers in your group, everyone has a great time and the special experience of an entire boat dedicated to the needs of them and their friends!

Our staff is always happy to help you get your charter set up and answer any questions you might have about what to expect from and on your trip. We can help you tally up the additional potential costs for your group, so everyone knows what to expect (licensing, rod rental, tackle, galley, and fish cleaning) as well as dress for the expected weather, so everyone in your group comes equipped for the party!

Planning on being in town for a few days? Virg’s Landing works with a couple of different hotels that offer you a discounted rate when they know you will be fishing with us!

It’s not just fishing that we do, but we also charter trips for whale watching and burials at sea. Enjoy all the beauty and diversity of the Central Coast with Virg’s, we would love to have you!

For 70 years, Virg’s Landing has been giving guests fishing great fishing experiences. You will ride on the best vessels in Morro Bay and be accompanied and served by experienced and friendly captains and crews. Call 805-772-1222 to get your fishing trip booked!

Whale Watching (Marine Excursions!)


Whale watching is a captivating experience where enthusiasts embark on an open sea voyage to observe these majestic marine mammals in their natural habitat. The thrill of spotting whales breaching, tail slapping and gliding through the water gives new life to the old saying of ‘there she blows!’

The perfect time on the water for small children, or people wanting to connect with the sea without spending half their day out on the ocean, whale watching trips are exciting and awe-inspiring fun for the whole family.

Our knowledgeable captain and crew will share insights with you about the different whale species, their behaviors and the marine ecosystem, enhancing the educational aspects of the whole trip. A variety of other species, such as Morro Bay’s famous sea otter population, dolphins and a variety of interesting birds make up a breathtaking variety of marine life against the backdrop of the open sea!

Burial at Sea


Burial at sea offers an environmentally friendly option for families looking for a beautiful and timeless way to say good-bye to a loved one.

A cost-effective choice, burial at sea eliminates the problem of land space and allows for a meaningful connection to the ocean on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. It provides a serene, final resting place rich with a sense of tranquility that provides peace and closure to the family and loved ones. In addition, our captains will record the exact coordinates of the location the ashes were scattered, allowing you and your family to revisit the site of your loved ones final resting place, as well as the opportunity to keep them together without the expense of purchasing burial plots in advance or having the stressful task of finding burial plots available for more than one person.

The most common method of burial at sea is a scattering of ashes. And the family is welcome to bring flowers, have readings and prayers or brief services to commemorate the life of their loved one.

Some families choose to perform the memorial soon after passing; others select a date later in time.

Our vessels are available year round to serve your family’s wishes to scatter ashes at sea. In addition, please let your funeral director know that we are available to provide this service. For more information call any of our friendly staff and we would be happy to provide you any details or quotes you might need for this service, at 805-772-1222