Types of Charters

Private Charters

Fishing charters are fun, unique and memorable ways to bring together friends, family, co-workers and recreational organizations!  The Virg’s Landing Fleet is perfect for entertaining business clients, family gatherings, and other fun occasions.

Booking your business gatherings and celebrations at local restaurants is an experience that is forgotten almost as soon as your guests walk out the door; set yourself out ahead of the pack with an experience that everyone will enjoy and talk about for years to come! We have many companies and families that book charters with us every year, and are anticipated by all the participants all year long!

Our friendly and professional staff will walk you step by step through the charter process, from booking the best vessel for your gathering, to structuring the food, drinks and organizing a plan for the associated costs of ocean fishing (licensing, rod rental and tackle, fish cleaning, galley etc.) For our out of town friends, we will be happy to offer suggestions on appropriate clothing for our area and a couple different hotels that offer a special bargain to people who are fishing with Virg’s Landing during their time in Morro Bay.

Fishing is what we do best, but we also charter trips for whale watching and burials at sea. We love the ocean and want to make our passion as accessible to everyone as possible!


For more than 60 years, Virg’s Landing has been giving guests fishing experiences of a lifetime. You will ride on the best vessels in Morro Bay and be accompanied and served by experienced and friendly captains and crews. Call 805-772-1222 to get your ocean adventure started-even if it’s just an information gathering call, we would love to talk to you!

Whale Watching (Marine Excursions!)

Whale watching is too restrictive a name for it! Going out to view the rich variety of sea life available for observation on California’s breathtaking central coast is more a full on marine excursion! There are many species you are likely to encounter, in addition to whales. These include sea lions, dolphins, seals and a many species of birds, some of which are endangered and protected!

Virg’s Landing offers seafaring voyages full of richness and wonder. Our captains know our coastal waters and where the whales are most likely to travel, and they and our crews are great guides who have dedicated their lives to the water, and love a chance to share it with others.

While we cannot guarantee whales will breach for the perfect photo, we schedule our trips during the year and in locations where whales are frequently observed.

California gray whales, humpbacks and orcas are common sightings on the Central Coast! Call any of our friendly staff at the tackle shop and we would be happy to give you more information on how to book a whale watching / marine excursion for you and your family!



Burial at Sea

Burials at sea date back to ancient times and offers a strong appeal for not only those who have a love for the sea, but for anyone who wants their own, or their loved ones final resting place to be somewhere both beautiful and timeless.

At a fraction of the cost of more traditional resting places, disbursement of ashes at sea provide a beautiful return of a loved one to earth’s most primal element. And while the sea goes where it will, our captains will record the latitude and longitude of the location the ashes were scattered on a burial at sea certificate, giving you and your family a place for revisiting your loved one, or keeping family together when their time comes.

The most common method of burial at sea is a scattering of ashes. The family directs the nature of the service which may include prayers and readings, tossing flower wreaths and petals, or whatever the family determines would be appropriate in addition to scattering ashes.

Some families choose to perform the memorial soon after passing; others select a date later in time.

Our vessels are available year round to serve your family’s wishes to scatter ashes at sea. In addition, please let your funeral director know that we are available to provide this service. For more information call any of our friendly staff and we would be happy to provide you any details or quotes you might need for this service, at 805-772-1222