Fleet and Safety

We have 3 Coast Guard certified vessels in our saltwater fishing fleet: Fiesta, Rita G, and the Black Pearl. 


55 feet, Seats Available 30

The Fiesta is a landing boat that is a party on the water! She is a fast vessel that gets where she needs to go, whether it is local fishing trips, or longer trips up the line to the beautiful Big Sur coastline. On the longer trips the boat runs a limited load of about 25, for the comfort of her passengers J


The Fiesta’s hot galley offers breakfast burritos on the way out to the fishing grounds, as well as boat burgers for lunch and also offers a large selection of beer, soda, snacks and candy-and of course you can grab a hot cup of coffee when you come onboard.

Captain James and his friendly, professional crew will put you on the fish when you go out with him on the Fiesta-and whether you are a brand new angler, or have salt in your blood, you’ll have a great time and catch when you go out on the Fiesta!

Rita G

50 feet, Seats Available 25

In her past, the Rita G was a research vessel for the U.S. Navy. Today, the Rita G is coming back repowered and ready for action! With a stable platform for fishing The Rita G has a rich fishing history in Morro Bay and is the perfect charter boat for small friends and family gatherings! She takes out 25 passengers, holding one seat in reserve for the comfort and elbow room of her anglers!

The Rita G also offers a hot galley, serving breakfast burritos and sandwiches on the trip out to the fishing grounds, and burgers on the way back in. There is a full selection of beers and sodas and water to choose from on your trip, as well as snacks and candy for the kids!


The Rita G fishes primarily local waters, but scattered throughout the season is always a handful of Full Day, 10 hour trips for the boat loyalists who want a crack at going the distance-watch out for those, they always go quick!

Black Pearl

65 feet, Seats Available 35 – 40, Overnight Trips 22.

Full galley seating up to 16
22 single bunks for overnight trips

The big beast of the entire Morro Bay fleet, regardless of landing, The Black Pearl is a super comfortable, long-range fishing machine with multi-day trip capabilities. She has an impressive 180 scoop bait capacity as well as a 5-ton refrigerated hold to store fish until returning to port.

The Black Pearl is known for delicious home cooked meals on Overnight, 2-Day Trips and Reverse Overnight Trips! Homemade bread, soups, chili, tri-tip, pulled-pork, stuffed burgers, and Jalapeño bread grilled cheese sandwiches are often on the menu!

Though she fishes local waters, going the distance is where the Pearl really shines, opening her bunk rooms on even the 12 hour trips so you can nap your way out to the fishing grounds and back in again, leaving your rested and ready to get back to the grind!



Skip the Hotel – Just Stay on the Black Pearl

On Overnight and 2-Day Trips, guests board at 8pm and leave by 9pm. There’s no need to get a hotel!

Homemade chili is served on the way out. Guests play poker, dominoes, or watch satellite tv until turning-in and sleeping in one of 22 bunks.

During the night, the crew will try to make bait by catching live squid on the way! The captain drives the boat to the Monterey line.
At the crack of dawn, you are ready to fish! The Black Pearl has a 5 ton refrigerated fish hold to keep all the caught fish fresh.

Reverse Overnight Trips and 2 Limits on the Black Pearl

Reverse Overnight trips are really special for the serious angler. The boat leaves at 11am and guests fish in the afternoon – and get the limit for that day.

Overnight the skipper drives the boat to the Monterey Line and in the morning the anglers get another limit. Sweet!

Like all vessels at Virg’s Landing, the Black Pearl and crew are Coast Guard certified with all required safety equipment. In addition, the Black Pearl has top-quality radio electronics and a satellite phone.

Bent Rod

1/2 day, 3/4 day, and 12 hr trips.

Sergio Bermudez is the owner and the captain of Bent Rod Sportfishing.
He is available Fri, Sat and Sundays for four pack charters. He is available for many types of specialty fishing trips: salmon, halibut, bluefin…

Capt. Sergio has commercially fished these waters for many years and has also run sport boats for Virg’s Landing. He knows how to find the fish. Call the landing to be put in touch with him.

Safety – Our #1 priority

All vessels are Coast Guard Certified.